Obsessed: Kendall Jenner


We all know the Kardashian sisters and thank the stars we do because without them we may not know the Jenner sisters. Yes, the Kardashian’s are all that, sure, but the Jenner’s have stepped up their game and in our book, they are winning. Sure, Kendall Jenner would have made her way into the modeling world without the help of being attached to the Kardashian family {how could she not?} but hey, better for us she made it there in lightening speed.

Over here at City Waves we have a major girl crush on Kendall. She is the epitome of the refined California style that we strive to carry. From her street and festival wear to the red carpets, Kendall maintains eloquence with ease {it may be those extremely long legs of hers…jealous}. No one can rock cutoffs and a crop top and transform to a red carpet gem like Kendall can. There is not one word you can use to describe Kendall’s style, all we know is that it’s kind of amazing. So move over Kardashians, the second generation of sisters is coming through and we can’t wait to see how they grow.


Lets not forget about her little sister, Kylie. She’s got quite the style herself but that’s for another day. We’ll just leave her perfection of a long bob right here {obsession}.


And if you haven’t seen it, go gawk over Kendall’s shoot for Interview…you will die.



Image Sources: kendallandkylie.celebuzz.com, E Online, Huffington Post, Pop Minute, Where to Get It, CelebMafia


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